Kitchen Witch Oracle Readings: Get Insights into your Culinary and Creative Life, Expand your Magical Practice, and Deepen your Sense of Wonder


These magical readings are unlike any other: Using food imagery, intuitive guidance, and culinary oracle decks (including my own) as a starting point, I go on a journey to learn more about your own culinary, magical, and creative practices and the connections between them.

I share guidance for deepening in your creative practice, where to focus your own magical, manifesting energies, and what might need to be released or reflected upon in this moment.

And of course, I share insights on your personal food journey and its connections to your larger life: Whether hands on in the kitchen or in your research, writing, or personal/family history, I’ll share whatever comes through about where to go next.

Food offers us insights about ourselves, our communities, and our pasts in a way few other things can: We prepare and share it, consuming it and incorporating it into our bodies. This intimacy means food can nourish us, heal us, and teach us well beyond nourishing our bodies with nutrients we need.

These readings honor the power of food as a teacher, and the power that eating and drinking have to heal and transform us.

When we recognize that power, we can engage with the everyday magic of eating and drinking to powerfully create and reimagine our world. 

We might fold our intentions into what we eat, or use the preparing and sharing of food to transform feelings like grief or isolation, or use the transformation of a dish to imagine a dream manifesting before our eyes.

Culinary ingredients offer us healing, protection, and nourishment on a variety of levels, and can deepen our relationship to place, people, culture, and history, and to ourselves.

These oracle readings support your creative, culinary journey as you navigate:

  • Key moments in your life, so you can celebrate and anchor in accomplishments and look forward to what’s next. 
  • A specific creative or culinary endeavor: Whether you’re looking to reconnect with the spirit of the work, or how you wish to express it. 
  • The unfolding of a creative project, especially if you’re unclear where to focus your energy next.

Oracle readings are also perfect for understanding and connecting with your creative spirit overall and to offer guidance on your path. Whether you want to:

  •  Receive guidance about your own creative or personal journey, in the kitchen or beyond it
  • Learn how your work wishes to move through you
  • Connect or reconnect to your own creativity
  • Or find clarity about the next steps on your creative path

These readings will give you the perfect springboard for diving into the creative life you’ve always dreamed of, in a way that’s pleasurable and authentic to you and your unique creative work.

What makes these readings special?

I draw on my decades of kitchen witch experience, and on my work translating the felt experience kitchen magic into practical terms (which you can see in my two fermentation oracle decks), to guide you on your path as a cook, a creative, and a human being.

In my readings, food is recognized as extending beyond its functional self: Here we consider symbolism, history, personal significance, and how it might be prepared. Food becomes an anchor for deeper explorations: Chosen because it’s something we engage with every day, and thus the magic shared here can be accessed and deepened with ease.

I dive deep into your path, beginning with intuitive guidance that includes food imagery and culinary oracle decks, pulling in other guides as needed (like rune stones or other oracle decks). These readings rely on channeled messaging, and I share anything that comes through that might serve you.

These readings have something else special, too: When possible, I share my insights about any foods or traditions that are asking you to work with them, using my background in food history (for example, if I know where a particular ingredient is indigenous to). If I don’t know, I’ll say that too, so you can conduct your own research into that food’s journey should you feel called. 

I also share insights to help you navigate your path in other ways, too:  for example through herbs, essential oils, spells, mindfulness, and movement.

Many people turn to oracle readings as a way to navigate uncertainty, but I also encourage people to turn to them as a way to find where to lean in even in certainty and joy: Before your new book launches, a big move, or as a celebration of and deepening into your true self. 

These readings are especially tailored towards curious, creative folks seeking insights about their path and practice. Maybe you’re wondering what direction to take your work, or you’re feeling called to explore a new path but you aren’t quite sure what it is.
Or maybe you just want a general lay of the land for your life, and benefit from using crystals, herbs, spells, and other healing practices to anchor in what you learn.

They’re also a wonderful way to honor and celebrate your milestones, and anchor feelings of accomplishment as you complete one chapter and begin a new one. 

Rather than approaching oracle reading from a place of “fixing a problem,” I approach my work from a place of “finding the best, most joyful outcome” and building a creative, curious life you absolutely love, and allowing whatever needs to be channeled to come through.

I offer a limited number of these readings each year: I look forward to helping you bring your best, most joyful reality to life.

How it works: 

This is a remote reading, which means I do the reading without you being present (either in person or virtually).  When you book, you’ll send me a photo of yourself, or of the reading’s subject if the reading is a gift, so I can focus my energy (photos are kept strictly confidential).

After your reading, you’ll receive:

  • A written interpretation of your reading: The cards I pulled, any freewriting, drawing, or other intuitive messages that came through, and how I see it all relating to each other and to your creative practice and life.
  • Guidance for how the learnings from this reading can be anchored into your life with food and drink: Specific foods/drinks you might make or eat, food stories to look into, practices (like intuitive eating) you might adopt, etc.
  • A list of any herbs that will serve you in this moment, spells, activities (like time in nature or meditating), or other ideas (like specific crystals to work with) that might help you in this stage of your journey.


I offer discounts on multiple readings for guests at retreats, corporate gifts, and other groups. Please contact me for pricing.



Why do you focus on food? Can I request a general reading?

I use food as a lens through which to understand this moment in your life, because our own food stories are an intricately woven part of our own paths: What we eat, what we like to eat, etc. follows us through our lives but also can transform as we do. 

When we allow in guidance from this place, we give ourselves the opportunity to both consume and create magic, and to share magic. 

My goal with these readings is to offer a unique way to provide support and guidance to others who deeply resonate with food and drink and for whom their significance goes beyond sustenance to the spiritual. 

I want this to be full of both ‘aha!’ moments and deep reflection, so it serves as a springboard into a fulfilling, authentic-to-you creative and curious life.

These readings channel whatever come through, so are as close as I come to a general reading, but are still very in depth.

Please note that I do not offer readings connected to love/romance because these do not best reflect my skills or interests. I will mention anything from beyond your creative life that comes up and asks to be included, but it’s beyond my scope to offer any additional guidance in regards to relationships.

If you want a reading focused solely on your creative practice instead, please book that here.


What happens after I book my reading? Do I need to schedule an appointment?

No appointment needed! Once you book, I’ll perform your reading (typically within one week, often less). Then, I write up the results, and send you via email your write up, images of the reading itself, plus any other information that feels relevant. 

What does your oracle reading process look like? 

These oracle readings are different from many in-person or virtual readings because they happen in silence and take several hours to complete. 

I treat my reading space as a sacred container, and meditate before and after your session to keep your reading separate from the noise of everyday life. 

I let my intuition guide me in where to cast my focus, what cards to draw and the layout of the cards themselves, and where and how to use food and drink as an entry point and guide to your journey.

I keep a notebook nearby for channeled writing or any other insights that come through (for example, a particular plant that wants to work with you, or a meditation that might support you in this moment). I also use other divination methods, as appropriate, and channel my own expertise in other areas to choose guidance (such as gentle movement) that fits what I see through my reading.

This means each reading is completely unique, not only in what cards are pulled but in how it’s structured overall: Your reading is entirely tailored to your unique self and story. 

Why herbs, crystals, etc.? Why not just read my cards?

These readings are specifically tailored for folks who want to dive deep: They’re meant to be a jumping off point for a new and deeper relationship to yourself, your creativity, and your own unique journey. 

I know that we all learn in a variety of ways, and we connect to different channels for expressing our magic. Offering multiple ways to support your creativity, through herbs, movement and other activities, meditations, crystals, and/or whatever else comes through (as well as food of course) gives me the chance to support you with a variety of ways to connect with and expand your creative practice. 

I received my reading and I have follow up questions. What should I do?

These readings do not include follow-ups. If you have further questions after receiving your reading, please book a separate Ask Me! session for additional clarification.