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Forage and Ferment with Mallory O’Donnell: Late summer edition
More details and tickets coming soon!

Ferments and Cultures: Online Event Series

I’ll be joining many of my fermentation friends for the ongoing Ferments and Cultures event series, offered by Cultures Group. I’m covering sowans (Scottish fermented oats) and Appalachian preserves, but there are ferments represented from around the world and across time. Check it out at the link above!

Other Upcoming Events

Fermentation as Craft residencies
Join me and a small handful of fellow creative fermenters for a residency exploring how our fermentation practice connects with our creative practice writ large.
Tucked away on a rural nature preserve, you’ll receive in-depth fermentation instruction, daily creative prompts, and lots of unstructured time to draw, dance, write, or just explore the forest as we allow our craft in the kitchen to spill out into the rest of our lives in creativity, connection, and play.
More details coming soon!

Queer Soup Night ATL
More details coming soon!

Upcoming Workshops (in-person workshops postponed until further notice)

Every Atlanta-based workshop run through Root includes a scholarship to allow someone from an underserved community to attend free of charge. These scholarships are heavily focused on people who do not have the financial means to attend, as well as queer people and people of color, but all eligible folks are welcome to apply.
To apply, please send me an email with a few sentences about yourself and what you hope to get from the workshop. Please make sure to specify what workshop you want, and offer a few backup options (these scholarship spaces fill up very quickly!) I can’t guarantee I can accommodate everyone, but I do my best to spread scholarships around, so please keep applying if you don’t get one the first time!

Rooted in Place: Using Ferments to Engage with Memories and Grief (tickets available soon!)
Join Julia, along with the Homestead Atlanta and a local grief counselor to explore how fermentation can help us connect to time and place, and how we can use this to explore grief. We’ll begin with a brief group conversation to help us all settle into a safe, healing space, and then will individually journal with prompts. After we’ve thought about what grief we want to engage with, we’ll sit in small groups and share in the act of making sauerkraut while engaging in healing, nurturing conversation. At the end, the whole group will come together to discuss how we can take what we’ve learned into our lives and our communities, and spread that healing outward. Each attendee will leave with a jar of sauerkraut that captures this healing event.
A certified grief counselor will be on site, and quiet spaces available, for those who need them.

Eating in the Apocalypse (tickets available soon!)
What do foods of the past have to teach us about eating sustainably today? And how can we preserve and prepare our food in the absence of many of the tools we take for granted?
Join Julia as she uses her food history background for a creative and fun class where we discuss different preparation methods and things to think about when preserving food. She’ll also talk about her process for researching foodways as a consultant for upcoming post-apocalyptic film, Salvage Mission 9
There will be lots of space for discussion and brainstorming, plus demonstrations and your own fermented food to bring home!

Heritage cultures: Sharing history through fermentation (tickets available soon!)
Around the world, families and communities have passed down starter cultures through generations, offering a tangible record of place and time. In America today, that practice is less common, but is still sometimes found in tight knit communities and among groups of fermentation enthusiasts. Join Julia to discuss heritage ferments, including their history and how to start your own. You’ll leave with a very special yogurt culture, alive since the 1890s, and instructions for how to care for it.

Shrubs and bitters!  (tickets available soon!)
Are your cocktails feeling flat? Shrubs and bitters are two key ingredients to adding flavor to your beverages, and are both wonderful for making nonalcoholic mocktails. We’ll cover the basics of infusing shrubs and bitters, and you’ll leave with recipes, knowledge of how to layer flavors to make great shrubs and bitters, and your own shrub to take home

Festive holiday ferments: Fermenting food with honey (tickets available soon!)
Join Julia to learn how to make a range of sweet and savory foods by fermenting them in honey! We’ll cover the basics of safe fermentation with honey, and Julia will demonstrate fruit and vegetable ferments. Everyone will fill a jar with garlic to ferment in honey to take home with them, along with lots of recipes and ideas for holiday entertaining!

Healthy winter ferments (tickets available soon!)
Julia will demonstrate how to make two simple, healing ferments to keep you warm this winter, and you’ll get a small jar of each to bring home (with instructions!) We’ll have plenty of space for conversation and questions, and finished samples of each ferment for you to try.

All extra food from each workshop is donated to Umi Feeds, who distribute meals to Atlantans experiencing homelessness

Some Past Events

Preserving Abundance Virtual Festival with guests including Sandor Katz, Rich Shih, Cheryl Paswater, Kirsten Shockey, Raquel Guajardo, Anna Brones, Mara King, Elliot McNally, Jenny Dorsey, and more.

Preserving Abundance: A Food Waste and Fermentation Weekend with guests Sandor Katz, Kirsten Shockey, Cheryl Paswater, and Jillian Ross, plus a wrap up panel with Atlanta food guests including Umi from Umi Feeds, Chef Zu from King’s Apron, Ash from Global Growers, and Stephen Satterfield from Miller Union.

The (Virtual) Florida Fermentation Fest. A whole day of international speakers demonstrating a range of fermentation techniques using Instagram Live. Join me at 4:00 EST on Instagram (@rootkitchens) to learn to make kraut-chi using food scraps.

Ferments for Justice: A virtual lactofermentation workshop with Julia Skinner and Alex Lewin at a fermentation workshop to benefit the Atlanta Solidarity Fund and Black Visions Collective.

Forage and Ferment: Julia and Mallory O’Donnell of How to Cook a Weed collaborated on a virtual discussion (including lots of time for Q+A!) about all the foraging and fermentation magic we mixed up in the bountiful late Spring and early Summer on the East Coast.

Afternoon Tea: A History book talk and signing at Omnivore Books, September 19 at Omnivore Books in San Francisco, CA

Wild Fermentation
Join Julia of Root and Jillian (a.k.a. The Ferment Lady) for a very special class. Julia and Jillian met last year at Sandor Katz’ fermentation residency, and have built this class to share some of their favorite projects with you!

Following in Sandor Katz’ footsteps, we’ll demonstrate and taste a range of ferments using wild fermentation, including fermented beverages, vegetables, grains, and more. We’ll also touch on the difference between starter cultures and wild fermentation, as well as the crossover between them. We’ll leave space throughout the class to discuss fermentation within history and culture, so bring your ideas and questions! You’ll leave with recipes, plenty of tips and tricks, and your own ferment to make at home!

Lactofermentation 101
Learn how to make nourishing and simple lactofermented foods at home. We’ll cover the basics of lactofermentation, including best practices for safe fermentation. Julia will teach us how to make a fermented mango condiment, as well as fermented ginger and garlic paste. We’ll all get our hands in and make a batch of sauerkraut, & the workshop will end with a build your own bar, where you’ll gather ingredients to create a versatile ginger, turmeric, and garlic paste to take home with you, along with recipes for everything we covered and a list of fermentation tips. Bring your questions for this fun and interactive workshop!

Mead making 101
Learn the basics of making your own mead! We will be making wild fermented meads, with a focus on both the mead making process and on building flavor profiles with a range of ingredients.
Each attendee will watch demonstrations, have lots of space for questions and answers, and will get to create their own jar of mead to take home, filled with custom flavorings they choose!
All attendees must be 21+

Free sauerkraut demo! Chop Shop, Atlanta, GA
Julia will be making sauerkraut and answering questions, and will have samples of a few of the different krauts she makes for her clients. Make sure to pick up some of Chop Shop’s amazing sausages while you’re there too!

Fermentation Fest, Cultured South, Atlanta, GA
Join Julia for a talk on the history of ferments used for celebrations around the world, and be sure to stop by our booth to enter the raffle for a free class, and to get a copy of Afternoon Tea: A History!

Queer Soup Night, Eventide brewing, Atlanta, GA
Join us for Atlanta’s first ever Queer Soup Night! CASH donation based, with all proceeds going to fund scholarships to Sandor Katz’ fermentation intensives!

Beginning lactofermentation Kula Wellness, Brasstown, NC
Learn the basics of lactofermentation, and get a jar of your own versatile fermented flavoring blend to bring home!