Our Fermented Lives

My newest book, Our Fermented Lives, is now available!

Our Fermented Lives is a Nautilus award silver medal winner, a finalist for Georgia Author of the Year, and was longlisted for the Andre Simon Awards.

Our Fermented Lives was also listed as one of Smithsonian Magazine’s Top Ten Food Books of 2022 as well as Salon’s favorite books for 2022! 

For more information or to purchase a copy, please visit the Storey Publishing site here.

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About the book:

From craft beers and sourdough bread to kimchi, coffee, tea, and cheese, fermentation is a popular topic in both food and health circles. In Our Fermented Lives, food historian and fermenting expert Julia Skinner explores the fascinating roots of a wide range of fermented foods in cultures around the world, with a focus on the many intersections fermented foods have with human history and culture, from the evolution of the microbiome to food preservation techniques, distinctive flavor profiles around the globe, and the building of community.
Fans of fermentation, chefs, and anyone fascinated with the origins of various foods will enjoy this engaging popular history, which is accompanied by 42 recipes adapted from historic sources, including sauerkraut, corn beer, uji (fermented grain porridge), pickles and relishes, vinegars, ketchup, soy sauce, Tepache (fermented pineapple drink), vinegars, beet kvass, and more.

Upcoming 2023 events:

New Orleans (Southern Food & Beverage Museum, date TBD)

Boston event with Koji Alchemy author Rich Shih (details TBD)

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