Root is fueled by founder Dr. Julia Skinner’s experience with and passion for fermentation, history, community, and finding magic in the everyday. My goal is to create a dynamic space that strengthens our connections to our food to each other, and to history with events, community-building, consultation, and fermentation classes and experiences. 

Whether we’re bringing your creative vision to life, teaching a hands-on class, running a retreat, or engaging in community-building, Root is for everyone!

Some of the folks I’ve worked with include: 

  • Food writers who are eager to hone their skills and expand their practice.
  • People from all walks of life who want to explore the interconnection of all their creative practices, through cooking, art, time in nature, and more; particularly in private retreats and events.
  • Filmmakers and artists who want to reproduce period kitchens, dining rooms, and meals.
  • Writers who want to be accurate in their period foods or dystopian-future, low-tech cooking methods
  • Hospitality professionals looking to reduce food waste or build historically inspired menus
  • Geologists, archeologists, and other researchers looking to connect their work with meticulously researched ancient foodways
  • Cultural heritage workers, seeking input in everything from conceptualizing and curating exhibits, collections care, artifact-centric teaching, and in-depth research. I also love serving as an outside expert consultant for museum exhibits and events!
  • Individuals and groups looking for hands-on fermentation classes or online cooking classes and experiences.
  • People who want practical research grounding, as well as coaching in creative nonfiction writing, to bring their food stories to life. 
  • People who want to see their food, and their world, in exciting new ways.

I can also work with community organizations on projects like garden-planning or using fermentation to reduce food waste. And I’m happy to work with individuals to do cooking and fermentation projects or help you plan and cater your event, especially if there’s a historic or fantasy theme.

Don’t see yourself listed here? Don’t worry! 

I love being a part of projects I haven’t even dreamed of, and would love to hear from you and discuss how I might support your ideas.

Please reach out and let’s talk!

roudoudous 20.JPG
Roudoudous, a popular treat for midcentury French beachgoers