Fermentation is one of our most ancient and powerful techniques to prepare delicious, healthy food without specialized equipment and just a little know-how. Fermentation fascinates me for many reasons, particularly because it sits at the intersection of history, low-waste eating practices, and communal food preparation.

Root’s fermentation classes emphasize learning and community, in a fun environment with lots of demonstrations, instructions, and hands on playing with our food to get you excited about making ferments in your own home!

Online classes offer everything from classes for first-time fermenters to the experienced enthusiast and everyone in between. Root events, like the Preserving Abundance weekend and online festival, help connect you to fermentation in new and exciting ways. 

Private lessons can cover food waste reduction, basic fermentation techniques, or just about anything else we can dream up, either one-on-one or for a group. 

Fermentation lessons make a great gift or a unique activity for your club or office. 

Contact me to schedule!

I also offer private coaching, in person, virtually, or even over email, as well as small group classes.

Want more fermentation goodness?

*I help with research and development for your fermentation experiments
*I train front and back of house staff in restaurants. I can help your staff educate visitors about ferments or prepare fermented foods in house.
*I’m also available as a speaker or workshop leader for your event
*I regularly write about fermentation, and am happy to write educational materials, articles, or recipes for your organization or publication.