May 2nd Preserving Abundance Virtual Festival

On Saturday, May 2, join us for Preserving Abundance: A Virtual Food Waste + Ferment Fest! Come enjoy a day of expert speakers from around the world covering everything from ferments to carrot jam to stock, as we learn about all the different ways we can use up our kitchen scraps.

This festival is organized by @rootkitchens and will take place on Instagram Live.

Why a ferment + food waste fest?

In this moment, we are all feeling uncertain about a whole host of things connected to what and how we eat (will I have enough money for food? Will there be food at the store?)

Many of us have already been using some scraps and thinking of how we can reduce waste, but in this moment the need to use and save everything we can feels especially critical. And, at a time when many people feel eager to find work to do by hand, crafting delicious handmade food out of scraps nourishes us in more ways than one.

How it works

All demonstrations will be streamed live on Instagram. Simply head to each teacher’s profile at the time of their class (you can click the profiles in the schedule below).
When they go live, a ‘play’ arrow will appear: Just click it to join!
You can even ask questions as they go through! If you miss a presentation, don’t worry–they’ll be saved in each teacher’s stories for 24 hours.


All times are in EDT

Friday, May 1:

We had so much great stuff to share with you that we couldn’t fit it all into one day! Join us on Friday for some festival sneak peeks:

Special pre-festival posts:

Check out these pages for special posts throughout the day with extra tips to reduce waste. You can follow along using the hashtag #preservingabundance
All posts will be up by 5:00 EDT so you can go through them before our special LIVE kick-off demo on Friday night!

Kirsten Shockey / @kirstenkshockey
Julia Skinner / @rootkitchens
Daniel Holliday / @enpsyt
Jessica Donham / @sowingseedsmagazine

Friday night kickoff demo!

Join Cheryl Paswater LIVE for a demonstration on making fermented condiments using food scraps! Just head to her page at 6:00 EST and click the ‘live’ icon to join in!

6:00-6:30: Cheryl Paswater / @contrabandferments

Saturday, May 2: Festival Day!

10:00-10:30: Jessamine Starr / @goodfoodtruckatl
Carrot peel jam

10:30-11:00: Kirsten Shockey / @kirstenkshockey
Making miso with leftover bread

11:00-11:30: Raquel Guajardo / @RGBpurafermentacion
Homemade sodas

11:30-12:00: Sean Doherty / @naes2020
Culturing Butter with Scraps and More

12:00-12:30: Jackie Vitale / @sunshineandmicrobes
Using sourdough discard

12:30-1:00: Tara Whitsitt / @fermentationonwheels
Sourdough baking with fruit and veggie scraps

1:00-1:45: Meredith Leigh / @mereleighfood
Making salami with dried herbs and plant tops

1:45-2:00: Anna Brones / @annabrones
Scrappy pesto

2:00-2:30: Sandor Katz / @sandorkraut
sourdough pancakes

2:30-3:00: Alexandra Mackey / @freefoodsatl
Using Pulp from Juice and Nut Milk

3:00-3:30: Julia Skinner / @rootkitchens
Fermented Seasonings + More

3:30-3:45: Elliot McNally / @elliotmcnally
Onion Skin Dye

3:45-4:00: Nella Fusco / @awakenkombucha
Reusing Kombucha SCOBY

4:00-4:30: Rich Shih / @ourcookquest
Minimizing waste with miso

4:30-5:00: Mara King / @zukemono
fish sauce and garum

5:00-5:30: Nicole Easterday / @farmcurious
Using up whey from cheesemaking

5:30-6:00: Claudia Lucero / @urbancheesecraft
Scrappy vegan cheese

6:00-6:30: Goen Fermented Foods / @goenfermentedfoods
Food Scrap Umami Liquid

6:30-7:00: Jenny Dorsey / @chefjennydorsey
Building flavors with pantry staples

7-7:30 Scrappy Happy Hour: Tiffanie Barriere / @thedrinkingcoach
Simple Cocktails, Mocktails, and Add Ins