Ask me! 1 hour virtual session

If you have a question or two for me, or just need a quick skills refresh, but don’t need to book a whole private class or one-on-one coaching, the Ask Me! session is the answer for you.

This session gives you 60 minutes to ask me whatever it is you think I can help you with. For example: 

*You want to ask some questions about your fermentation practice
*You want to ask me about writing about food
*You want to know more about a specific aspect of fermentation or my other culinary work: e.g. reducing food waste in your kitchen.
*You have a couple questions related to a food history project you’re working on
*You want my input as a food historian for your culinary experiments
*Anything else you want to talk with me about!

Really, anything that’s a few quick questions or a quick brush-up on your skills is an option here!

Once you order your session, I’ll send you a calendar to schedule our time along with a Zoom link. 

I’m excited to work with you and help your creative practice flourish!