Fermentation Basics Video Course Bundle

Are you looking to enter the wonderful world of fermentation? Or, are you eager to expand and deepen your practice in some exciting ways?
Join fermentation educator and award-winning author Dr. Julia Skinner in this video course series, which walks you through some of her very favorite ferments, with hours  of demos, plus answers to commonly asked fermentation questions, so you can start making your own kitchen magic today.
This course series includes 5 videos, plus a handout with the recipes for kraut-chi and dill pickle sauerkraut, and fermentation best practices, so you have a ready reference to print and use in your kitchen. Video and handout links will be shared via email upon purchase.
Your video bundle includes:

Kraut-chi is a simple, versatile way to make a tasty ferment with whatever is on hand.

In this class, learn the basics of making kraut-chi, plus variations to pack in flavor, help you reduce food waste, and more.


Dill Pickle Sauerkraut

Easy and delicious and packed full of flavor, dill pickle sauerkraut is fun to make and to customize to your own palate.

Learn my technique for making dill pickle sauerkraut and enjoy this versatile kraut alongside all your meals!


Fall Forage & Ferment Demo and Q&A

Join Julia Skinner and forager Mallory O’Donnell for a special conversation with lots of demonstrations, plus a Q&A.

If you’re looking for fall foraging inspiration (or inspiration for what to do with your foraged finds), this is the class for you!


Appalachian Ferments

Learn to make some of my favorite fermented foods from the historic and rich culinary culture of the Southern Appalachians.

Easy and time-honored ways to preserve food that are just as delicious today!


Herbal and Healing Vinegars

In this video class, you’ll learn how to make your own delicious herbal and healing vinegars to support your health and add great flavor to your meals and drinks.

Includes fire cider, herb-infused vinegar, ways to use up food scraps in vinegar making, beverages, and more!