The Rooted in Abundance Course Bundle (save $15)

Interested in reducing food waste in your home or restaurant, and in experimenting with place-based foods? This course bundle gives you access to both Preserving Abundance and to Rooted in Place for a lower price than buying each separately.

These self-paced, entirely online courses are ready to begin when you are, and with lifetime access, you won’t feel hurried through the learning process! Both are built with easy to follow recipes, historical deep dives, and lots of creative ideas to help you explore and build skills in the kitchen.

Preserving Abundance takes you through a whole host of methods to reduce food waste in your home or commercial kitchen, saving you money and lessening your environmental footprint.
It includes everything from fermentation to quick pickles to banana “ice cream” to home crafts (like dyes and cleaning products), to help you stretch your food as far as you can.
Plus, Preserving Abundance includes monthly online hangout sessions, with exclusive recipes and ideas beyond those in the course workbook, plus space for questions and answers.

In Rooted in Place, you’ll learn how to use fermentation and wildcrafting to create flavor profiles unique to certain places and moments in time, helping you capture and preserve a taste of favorite memories and spaces, even when they’re far away.
This course includes plenty of scientific and historical research, plus easy to follow recipes, a wealth of regional foraging resources, original drawings, and more.

Once you order, you’ll be manually added to both classes and sent login instructions.

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