Rooted in Place: Using Fermentation to Connect with the People and Places we Cherish Most


This class uses deep dive essays and recipes, wildcrafting guidance, original drawings, and plenty of scientific research to use fermentation to capture moments in time and place. You’ll learn everything from unique sourdoughs, to wild vinegars, to making your own adventure ferment: A living food that documents your travels.



About this course

Wild fermentation connects us, in a very real way, to a moment in time. The microbes around us vary depending where we go and when we go there, offering us a unique opportunity to work with our microscopic friends to create flavors that remind us of home, good memories, or people and places that are far away.
I was inspired to create this course last year, after using wild fermentation to make vinegars from the last foods I shared with several loved ones who were about to pass.
In a very real way, these living foods kept a piece of those loved ones and our memories together alive (the vinegar I started at my grandma’s house still smells like her kitchen!), and became instrumental to my healing process.
After making those vinegars, as well as many other place-based ferments, I felt pulled to write down my processes in order to share the wonder and healing power of these methods with you.
Fermentation is a truly magical process, where we work with other living beings to create something beautiful together. And, of course, there is a lot of sound science around how this all works and how to make a successful ferment. This course combines the two, giving you something that offers a sense of wonder along with the practical grounding to recreate that wonder yourself.

What this course includes

This course is all online and self-paced: Start whenever you want, and complete the course in your own time!

When you purchase, you’ll receive:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Workbook filled with original drawings and diagrams
  • In depth, easy to follow recipes, including: starting your own sourdough, wild vinegars and alcohols, wild lactoferments, locally-inspired and wildcrafted infusions, and place-based home crafts
  • How to make your own adventure ferment: A living food that documents the places you travel
  • Deep dive essays on cultivating a sense of place through fermentation
  • Region-specific foraging resources plus guidelines for sustainable foraging
  • Continuously updated content: New recipes and resources are added to the course from time to time, and available to all students, no matter when they signed up, for no additional charge!
  • Email support for your questions as you work through the class


A design note: You’ll notice the cover image for this class is hand drawn, with art deco-style lettering. Inspired by Mollie Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook, I’ve included my own artwork and stories throughout the course lessons, to make them more personal, approachable, and even inviting.

Each image in the class is hand-illustrated by me, using plants found around my home.

The lettering, and other design choices, are inspired by community cookbooks and recipe/home craft pamphlets from the pre-Depression United States. Being a food historian, I chose to interweave historic stories through the course both in writing and visually.

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