Do you love to learn new and exciting things, especially about food?

Root’s membership was especially designed for curious, food loving folks, from professional chefs to a newbie home cook who’s only just learning to make a few simple dishes.

A membership with Root is not a passive experience: Root members get to learn about food history and fermentation, all while creating dishes and participating in experiences that connect them to that history directly.

But, most importantly, Root membership is all about human connection.


What we eat, and how we eat it, are practices interwoven in a rich tapestry of experiences (individual and community) that make up each of our lives.

When you join Root, you aren’t just learning how to make a cool old recipe.

You’re learning the story of a dish, the story of the people who made it, and ultimately have the chance to see those story interwoven with your own by exploring connections between foods of the past and our modern tapestries of experiences.

A Root membership has plenty of other magical things to offer you, too. Community members also get special treats, just for them, like a free fermentation workshop, early access to my coaching calendar, and once in a while, even a free piece of art!

What are you hungry for?


Root membership is anything but just another email list or event service.
It’s a place to learn, grow, try new things (and sometimes fail), and in the process learn about past people, places, and foods that have shaped who we are today.

You get a letter in your inbox every first Monday of the month with new historically-inspired recipes, as well as stories connecting those historic foods to our lives in the present day.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve covered already:
Turkish breakfast, the first modern cookbook, Cuban pork dishes, side dishes in Soviet Russia, Medieval festival foods, edible and poisonous nightshades, Greek solstice food, star anise in Chinese cuisine, Indian spice blends, Victorian egg dishes, the history of citrus cultivation, and more!

You’ll get plenty of special surprises, too:

Some of my favorite things I’ve shared with folks include recipes inspired by the legend of Atlantis, done in collaboration with a fabulous and whimsical chef, original drawings and thank you cards, mailed out to unsuspecting members, and a story from a literature professor about food in Jane Austen novels (plus recipes to try), or a free downloadable workshop that teaches you to make your own fermented food.

The variety here is endless, and it’s my hope that these help get your creative juices flowing and help you embark on some exciting new paths while also visiting those dishes and stories that feel like familiar old friends.

A Root membership is way more than just recipes!

As a Root member, you’ll not only learn a ton about food history, but you’ll also get lots of other great benefits, including:

*Discounts on all Root workshops
*Early access to exciting events
*10% off all Root’s services, including one-on-one fermentation coaching and food history consulting
*10% off all online courses and food products (to be added soon!)
*10% off custom-designed menus
*Free surprises throughout the year, including free online workshops, original artwork, and more


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Members pay only $5.00 each month, and get access to all the above benefits, with more to be added as Root continues to grow!

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