Home Cooks

I love to help home cooks harness new skills, research their own cooking projects, and learn about the history of food.

Home cooks have, through all of human history, been the backbone that has shaped what we eat and how, and I’m always honored to be a part of that tradition in my work.

I work with home cooks in a few main ways (but am always open to ideas, please get in touch if you have one!)


I work with budding and experienced home cooks alike, offering a variety of hands-on workshops as well as personalized classes.

My fermentation workshops have something for the very beginner to the more advanced cook who has been making ferments for a while, and soon I’ll be offering food history cooking classes too!
All upcoming classes are listed here, and each course title will link you to a page to purchase tickets.

My personalized classes are one-on-one, and can be done remotely (via video chat, like Skype or FaceTime), or I can come to you with all the supplies we’ll need.

You can book one or two hour remote classes through Root’s online store. If you want something more in-depth, reach out and I’ll be happy to talk with you.

In addition to my personalized classes, I offer small group classes, remotely or in person. A cooking class is a great way to host a memorable and unexpected get together, and just as with my one-on-one classes I bring all the supplies we’ll need to you.

I am also building a growing library of affordable online classes for home cooks, to empower those who want to learn but are on a budget to benefit from my courses. I’ve started with a kimchi and sauerkraut class (available now in my online store), and will be adding more classes, including preserving through the seasons and a course on repurposing food waste in tasty new ways!

Why choose Root’s classes?

I have over a decade of teaching experience, as well as over a decade of experience working with the subjects I teach (food history and fermentation) as a researcher and practitioner.

I design my classes to be fun and approachable, while still giving you the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident in the kitchen. Each of my classes offers a variety of approaches to meet different learning styles, including written recipes, demonstrations, tastings, and hands on activities. And of course, I always include a lot of space for questions!

You can see all of Root’s upcoming classes on my events page. Want to schedule a private session? Get in touch with me!


Root’s membership program was designed with home cooks in mind. It offers modernized versions of historic recipes (plus the story of each one!), discounts on everything (yes, everything) including Root’s store, classes, and all one-on-one services. You also get exclusive content, early access to classes and sales, and more.

You can learn more and sign up on Root’s membership page or on Patreon!


Are you a home cook looking to make historic foods? Need help figuring out what to do? Head to this page to learn about my research services!