Chefs + Hospitality

Helping my industry colleagues thrive and succeed is one of the most rewarding parts of my work! I do this in several ways:

Food waste reduction

Spend any time in BOH and FOH in most restaurants, and you know that food waste is a huge issue. This causes a drain on the restaurant’s bottom line, as well as being an environmental concern. I offer in-person training and distance consultation to identify what is being wasted, and how it can be given new life to add flavor and texture to your dishes.

Fermentation training

I offer in-person and remote training services to teach you and your staff how to make a variety of fermented foods. I focus on providing hands-on demonstrations and practical knowledge, so your staff feels confident enough to take what they learn and let their creativity run wild! This is a great way to provide a fun and educational offering to FOH, BOH, and executive staff members. Remote training is done via video call (Skype or FaceTime), and for in-person training I’ll come to you with supplies.

Research services

Looking to add some extra depth to your company story, or learn more about the history of a dish (or ingredient)? I provide a range of research and writing services to use engaging historical narrative to help your restaurant shine, including writing for website, menu, and marketing materials.
I also conduct in-depth research that provides you with ways to connect your restaurant’s unique story to larger historical narratives, and can use this to either draft copy for you or pass along to your marketing team.