The Hidden Cosmos: A Fermented Oracle + Recipe Deck (includes US shipping)

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“There are more microbial species on earth than stars in the galaxy
Jay T Lennon and Kenneth J Locey


Inspired by the vast world of fermented foods, the history of fermentation, and the lessons we can learn by connecting with what we eat, The Hidden Cosmos is an oracle deck like no other.

Each card represents a different fermented dish from around the world, each with stunning full-color illustrations.
The card images are made from a mixture of collage, watercolor, and ink drawing.

The accompanying booklet includes interpretations of each card plus corresponding recipes to try at home, perhaps as part of a reflective or meditative practice. The deck and booklet are small enough to carry with you, for inspiration on the go.

In each case, the recipes and interpretations serve as guides at the beginning of a journey: In the Hidden Cosmos, you’re encouraged to go exploring and create a fermentation journey that’s all your own.

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Your Hidden Cosmos oracle deck set includes:

Signed full color booklet with recipes, card meanings, + fermentation tips and tricks

Full color oracle card deck

sturdy keepsake box

Recipes include:

shio koji
lobster lemon vinegar
floral honey shrub
cold-brewed cocoa
hot sauce
herbal soda
lavender-infused turmeric
and more

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