The Hidden Cosmos: 2023 Digital Planner

Looking for a 2023 planner with a bit of magic, but also one that’s still practical to use? Look no further!

This digital planner gives you monthly and weekly calendars with plenty of room to write, space for monthly goals, and even year goals.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, the planner includes a section of essays on mindful cooking and other ideas to keep you creative and inspired throughout the year!

The original artwork throughout is by Julia Skinner, and the planner is a companion to the Hidden Cosmos: A Fermentation Oracle + Recipe Deck. You can draw a card at the start of the month in tandem with your planner goals, or use each separately.

This digital planner comes as an immediate download so you can use it on your digital devices.

If you’d like a physical planner, we have very limited quantities in stock at this link!

Here’s to a magical 2023!