Protecting Your Practice: Boundary Setting for Creatives

What if we treated our boundaries as soft moss rather than steel doors?
What if we set boundaries with intention, filtering out all that doesn’t serve us while letting what we want in?
Rather than saying ‘no’ to what we don’t want, our boundaries allow us to say ‘yes’ to what we do want.
When we approach boundaries from a place of softness and trust, including in ourselves, our boundaries protect that softness.
Through softness we can find our true strength.
Your boundaries can help you build the world you want, rather than cutting you off from it.
This listing is for the recording of the original live workshop held on September 2, 2023. 

About this workshop

Setting boundaries offers the opportunity for each of us to identify what our creative practice looks like versus what we want it to look like, and to bridge the gap between the two by being intentional about what is allowed into our creative space.
In this workshop, we’ll focus on practical guidance for protecting your creative time from outside pressures, and creating boundaries with yourself so you can stay focused and tapped in as you work (rather than drifting over to social media or email!)
Together, we’ll learn skills to make your creative time a priority, no matter how many or few hours a week you’re able to devote to it, and you’ll leave with skills and tools you can put to work right away to build a nourishing, sustainable practice that centers your creativity in your life.
This workshop is geared towards creatives of all backgrounds and at all levels, who are looking to create a consistent, sustainable practice.
This listing is for the recording of the original live workshop on September 2, 2023.