One hour fermentation coaching session (remote or in person)

Traditional preparation methods that are critical today

Whether you’re new to fermenting or needing some feedback on an existing project, these short sessions are a great way to find your feet and step into the kitchen with confidence.

When you book your session, I’ll send you an email to set up a time, along with a few brief questions to help me structure our session and help you get the most out of it that you can.

Too busy (or too far away) for an in person session? We can work over the phone, via Skype or FaceTime, or even in some cases over email!

Sample one hour sessions from past clients:

First time fermenter: One client was brand new to fermenting, and eager to start with the basics. I walked her through my method of making sauerkraut in jars, and gave her plenty of information (included printed handouts) about how fermentation works, lots of fermentation success tips, and recipes.

Troubleshooting: A local client was having trouble getting their ferments just right, and we met to look at the ferments and devise a plan for making his projects a success.

Custom ferments: One client had some experience with ferments, but felt like she had hit a wall coming up with creative ways to use them.  She was particularly eager to use them as healthy substitutes in her daily meals. Together we devised a list of ideas to try (like a live culture yogurt dressing to replace the bottled stuff), and thought up some simple new ferments to experiment with, all based on her goals and interests.

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